Hi!  My name is Ava Ames!   Thank you to my family and friends for your amazing support!  I have been working toward my goal of acting in television and movies for some time now!  I know, I'm only 12 but I am ready!   
I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and raised for the most part in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to California.  I have been dancing since I could walk, but started formal training at age 4.  My favorite dance style is ballet.  I'm super flexible, and I've been called Gumby.  I spend a lot of time in the dance studio, this year I was accepted into a professional ballet training program!  Yay!  I also do gymnastics and ride horses.  Every free moment,  I take acting classes and workshops which are a MUST (must have fun)!  I also like to sing and play piano.   I am very excited to spend my weekends at High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary, please consider joining me in support of www.hswhs.org and the wild mustangs in their care!
My advice to all aspiring dancers, actors, singers and musicians; work hard, believe in yourself and never let go of your dream!   Ava


Ava Ames

Pink Zone Movie Premiere at Chinese Theatre LA Photo Credit Kittrells Photography
Ava Ames actress ballet dancer and equestrian from Baltimore Maryland